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Carpet Carpeting

No matter what your setting is, we have the right style of carpet for you. New carpet can dramatically change the look and feel of any room in your home. In today's world carpet is more durable than ever. Whether you want to redo a dining room or living room, 2001 Carpet House Ltd. has all the latest styles, colours and fashions. Our expertly trained staff will assist you in making the perfect choice for your home!

Area Rugs

Area Rugs Area Rug

Looking for that PERFECT rug to complete your home?

Check us out at 2001 Carpet House for a wide variety of exclusive, top quality, rugs at the optimum price to fit every pocket.

Rugs include:

  • Traditional Designs
  • Contemporary Designs
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • and so much more

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

At 2001 Carpet House Ltd. We laminate flooring you are looking for. Laminate floors are easy to clean, with a tough exterior that is very resistant to stains and spills. Laminate flooring provides a wide range of benefits and allows you to achieve the distinctive look of hardwood flooring. You will benefit from protection against stains, scuffs and scratches with laminate flooring.

Cushion Vinyl

Cushion Vinyl Cushion Vinyl

Cushioned vinyl is a perfect solution for kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms. It is water resistant and insulating with a soft feel. It is available in various finishes from faux wood colours, cork, slate, and granite tile finishes. Cushion vinyl is hygienic and scratch-resistant with a protective slip proof layer.

Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring Wood Flooring

When it comes to real hardwood flooring it is hard to beat the natural beauty and warmth that comes with it. Hardwood floors are not only beautiful to live with but are easy to care for and can add value to your home. We have a wide selection of wood flooring for you to choose from, as well as flooring that can be custom coloured and finished to your specifications.


Ceilings Ceiling

For a minimal investment in dollars and time, you can totally transform any space with Terhuerne ceilings. Donít settle for boring white ceilings! Check out our ceiling selection and get start transforming your space.

Wall Panels

Wall Panels Wall Paneling

At 2001 Carpet House Ltd. we offer wide variety of colours and decors to enhance your home. We have a large collection of wall paneling that will give your home a unique style.

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